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Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk
04.04.2017, Re-start in Pritzwalk
Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk
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Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk
Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk
Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk
Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk GmbH
Freyensteiner Chaussee
16928 Pritzwalk
Tel: 03395-750-0
Fax: 03395-750-100
E-Mail: info@zwp-gmbh.de

Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk
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News | 04.04.2017
Re-start in Pritzwalk

ZWP Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk GmbH took over the business operations of the former Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk GmbH as per April 4th 2017. We will continue to operate as an independent company at the previous location. The name of the new company differs from the previous name by the prefix ZWP. The value added tax number is DE 310 738 772.
ZWP will fulfil all existing contracts. The contacts you know are still valid. For all deliveries after April 4th 2017, the new company is supplier or customer. Please note the new bank details on the invoices.
Main shareholder is the Andreas & Peiffer, a group with 11 other industrial companies in the manufacturing industry with more than 750 employees and about € 120 million in sales. Our goal is to develop ZWP in Pritzwalk on a sustainable basis and to grow with our customers.

Zahnradwerk will continue to offer its well-known portfolio of gears, ring gears, toothed shafts and couplings with diameters from 20 mm to 2,000 mm, in the module range from 1 to 50. We also provide case hardening for other companies.

We would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for your support and cooperation over the last months and we are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

With best regards

Dr. Hermann Andreas Tom Peiffer


Zahnradwerk Pritzwalk
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